Storypepper automatically turns content into stories

Storypepper enables journalists to convert and publish their finished article as a vertical story to Google AMP and Instagram stories. Fully automated and customisable.

If you want to publish your content as stories, without the extra effort, Storypepper is for you

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Storypepper is a powerful conversion and publishing tool, that let’s you focus on your daily content writing work, by automating the story production workflow. Visual AMP and Instagram stories are usually difficult to produce and require extra work and expert knowledge.

Storypepper integrates seamlessly into your current workflow and publishing process. The service can be customised to your needs in the initial setup and can then be activated by simply ticking a checkbox in your content management system.


Create and customize stories

Create Stories by automatically extracting content from your RSS Feed or content URL. Storypepper will analyse the source and automatically generate the inputs needed for slide creation. You can manually adjust and fill in content before you publish your slides.

  • Source from RSS and URLs
  • Add Call-to-action buttons
  • Adjust background image crop
  • Review and adjust inputs
  • Preview final slide designs

Publish directly to Instagram and AMP

Storypepper let’s you connect your Google AMP Stories and Instagram Channels to your account. Once your stories are ready they can be published directly and automatically to the channels of your choice.

  • Direct posting to Instagram Stories
  • Fully validated Google AMP Stories
  • Auto-generated links for easy embedding
  • Connect up to 3 Instagram channels

Manage and analyse your story content

Storypepper let’s you adjust and update existing stories. Allowing you to make changes to both the order/presence of slides in stories as well as the content of each slide even after the content has already been published.

  • Change the order of a story’s slides
  • Adjust the design of individual slides
  • Add more slides to your stories
  • Un-publish stories and delete slides

Fully automated conversion

Storypepper selects the right content from your article and generates a first draft of the story slide. After reviewing the draft, the story slide gets created instantly with a chosen template applied. Converted stories are available in both, the Google AMP and social media format and are equipped with swipe-up links channeling traffic to the original article.

Storypepper converts articles into Instagram and AMP Stories

Instantly post everywhere

Storypepper’s publishing service will post the converted stories to the respective channels. Users can connect their social media accounts and AMP story widgets to automatically get their articles published as visual stories as well. Hereby publishers can significantly grow their audiences without any additional effort.

Storypepper automatically publishes articles to Instagram Story and AMP Stories
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